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[]).push(); 3.Rosewood generally refers to the richly hued timbers. It is often brownish in colour with darker veining. It gives a feeling of old, worn out wood.4. All types of rosewoods are strong and heavy. They taking an excellent polish, being suitable for making musical instruments, furniture and luxury flooring as well.5.The wood has a sweet aroma, which persists over the years, which is very similar to “rose ” explaining the name “rosewood”.6.The sweet aroma of the wood spreads to the entire house, which is very relaxing and has a calm effect.7.The dark colour of the wood combines with any texture of the image and gives a very vibrant gloss to the image8.Statues made of Rosewood need very minimal varnishing as it is long lasting.9.The statues or the furniture or any accessory made out of rosewood will last a lifetime, being very tough and durable.10.The fragrance of the rosewood statued make them ideal choices for pooja mandir or temples giving the temple a very spiritual and soothing effect.11.A rosewood tree of at least 20 years old is used for aromatherapy products as it gives the highest yield [ad_2] Source by Aashish Washikar

); The same look can be achieved if only a mantel application is used instead of a full surround by constructing a wood box, and attaching several stacked moldings for a decorative accent. The mantel should be wider than the fascia, wrapping it around on each side returning to the wall. This may require metal supports or bolts to be drilled into the hard surface areas. The right accessories are key to every mantel presentation, and by the way I never use mirrors, because they only reflect unwanted images like the ceiling fan. A large art glass plate on an easel, tall architectural candle holders, glassless framed art work will eliminate any unattractive reflections, or eleven Chrystal candlesticks to list a few suggestions.Fireplace number three, a 70′s dated dark brown, taupe, and black brick clear to the height of an eight foot ceiling with a stand away, or sometimes referred as a bump out profile, and accented by an oak crown mantel. The fireplace was flanked on ether side by a set of built in dark oak book cases, without proper lighting it made the entire area appear dark, dungeon, and forbidding.The first task started by dry walling the top half from the mantel to the ceiling by attaching firing strips directly onto the brick allowing for the installation of the dry wall. A great technique for drawing the focus to the fireplace, and not the wall, with the addition of crown molding at the ceiling and an updated paint color on the wall.The dated brick was the next challenge, if one could imagine how brick looks after being burned in a fire. One of my many talents is faux finishing, and I began to paint the darkest brick to imitate the lighter coloration. A painted fireplace from a resale perspective will devalue a home, considering this factor only a percentage of the brick is painted revealing a total updated lighter brick surround, and therefore tricking the eye.Painting the oak mantel white separates, and defines it from the book cases. the dark book cases are highlighted by the addition of recess can lighting, and the old wooden shelves are replaced with glass shelving allowing the light to filter through the entire fixture. Three very different designs with unique transformation make overs, simple or as complex as you desire, so go ahead do it yourself, and turn up the heat. [ad_2] Source by Donald Ramey

Granite – Facts About Granite and How It Gets From the Mine to Your Kitchen Worktop

Granite is a beautiful material that has many uses in the world today and is a material that is as old as the world itself.

The word granite literally translated comes from the word grain due to the grain that can be see within the stone itself. Granite is formed by the cooling of magma in the earth’s crust. Granite is usually a medium to course grained texture.

Granite is mined across the world with many quarries located in Finland, Spain, Norway, China, India, Africa and Brazil although they can be found all across the world.

Granite is predominately comprised of the minerals quartz, mica, feldspar and plagioclase feldspar and is an igneous rock. It is the composition and varying amounts of these minerals that give granite its unique look and varying colours. The average density of granite is between 2.65 and 2.75 g/cm3. It is he proportions of these minerals as well as the size of the grains within the rock that make each granite worktop unique. The density of granite is what makes it such a hard material making is very resilient to scratches, heat and stains which makes it perfect for a kitchen work surface. Granite has many uses throughout the residential and commercial market including worktops, flooring, cladding and headstones due to the fact it can withstand centuries of abuse and weathering.

Aberdeen in Scotland, which is constructed principally from local granite, is known as “The Granite City”. Because of its abundance, granite was commonly used to build foundations for homes in New England. The Granite Railway, America’s first railroad, was built to haul granite from the quarries in Quincy, Massachusetts, to the Neponset River in the 1820s. With increasing amounts of acid rain in parts of the world, granite has begun to supplant marble as a monument material, since it is much more durable.

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To extract the granite from a quarry digging, cutting and blasting techniques are used. Granite quarries can be huge and the excavation of the granite can go very deep. The mining process involves many workers and some very specialist huge pieces of equipment in order to mine and move the massive pieces of granite from the earth.

Once the granite is removed from the earth it needs to be cut to size. The granite is usually cut into manageable slabs for transport and storage. This is done using huge saws to create the smaller slabs. Once cut one side of the slabs are polished by using a combination of grinding and polishing machinery and finally the slabs are ready for shipment. The slabs can then be cut down further to the appropriate size for granite kitchen worktops, bathroom vanity tops or flooring and wall tiles. The thickness of the slabs that are cut can vary on the indented use of the stone. For example a granite kitchen worktop would usually be cut 30mm thick, whereas an upstand or splashback would be 20mm thick and granite tiles can be as thin as 10mm.

Source by James Hadley

); Jatoba Veneer is also known as Brazilian Cherry, however it is not actually a cherry species. It actually looks like a cross between Khaya and Honduran species. Jatoba is often used in flooring, and can be found in many colors and grades. It is also a great choice for cabinets and furniture construction. Jatoba is grown in South America, but is relatively common in the United States.Philippine Mahogany often gets mentioned along with African and Genuine, although it is not actually the same species either. The real name is Red Lauan or Dark Red Meranti. Although this species is popular is boat-building and flooring, it is most often not available as a veneer. [ad_2] Source by Peter Rodgers

[]).push(); Current furniture is regularly made using man-made materials that wear really rapidly and can be high-priced to invest in. In spite of this there are cheap sofas that are produced from real leather and offer the softness and indulgence that comes with that textile. Leather is a particularly tough fabric that will stay in unspoiled condition with the least effort for several years.Prior to creating the sofa the leather is dyed to the color that will be used. One can come across bright blue sofas or sofas with gentle tones to fit a decorating theme. Several of the sofas have cushions that also act as pillows which can be produced to match the arch of a person’s back and offer more contentment when lounging.Lots of the cheap sofas plus are produced specifically for multi-functional use. They are cozy enough to be used by visitors who stopover but plus provide a dazzling vivid guise when one enters a room. The sofas too have a sitting area and an attached lounge where one can take it easy at the end of the day.The sofas are created out of hardwood and are produced to supply years of service and enjoyment in the spaces where they are positioned. In a number of instances an individual might desire to broaden the visual continuity of 2 open rooms and pick sofas that fit this in both shade and design. This positioning will allow more space to entertain guests and give a person entering the room the sense that they have stepped into a sizable room.When one is searching for the ultimate sofa to complement a room and theme the dealer of cheap sofas will be able to lend a hand with a detailed range of designs that agree with the needs of the people who will be using the sofa. In numerous situations the sales person will be able to make recommendations based on the manner of use that is expected and the kinds of colours and fabrics that the individual prefers. The sales persons have been meticulously trained in the unique features of each sofa. They will be able to offer guidance on matching the highest quality sofa with the wishes of every person that will be using it. [ad_2] Source by Richard J Hope

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