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Hardwood Flooring Characteristics – It’s All Personal Taste

Which look do you want? Here are some of the more common woods and the look they will give you once they’re laid.

Oak Flooring: Oak has a heavier grain throughout it than most other wood flooring products. This gives your room a more rustic aura with its mixture of ‘tiger’ or ‘waterfall’ markings. This is a very popular floor in North America. 3 inch or 5 inch width, this floor comes in a variety of colors and hues. This is NOT the floor for you if you want a custom, ‘nobody else has this on the block’ look.

When going with an oak, I prefer the Northern hardwoods in Nth America. It’s a lot colder in the north so the trees grow slower and are harder with a much tighter grain than non-northern trees. Try to avoid exotic Asian woods (unless this is what you really want) as the tropical environment in Asia with its humidity and moisture has woods grow very fast but are softer and light sensitive. Oak flooring also has a low to medium shade variation. This means you won’t find too much difference in color between one board and another.

Maple Flooring: This gives a very contemporary look with its clean lines and very light grain. Maples can be stained to fit almost any color..from natural white to sun burnt reds to almost black. These woods are quite hard (2300 PSI) and don’t have the natural graining an oak floor has. Some like this clean look; others feel it resembles laminates too closely than genuine woods. Maples are a great choice particularly if you select a darker color but don’t want the ‘business’ of a traditional oak floor. A maple floor’s color variation is very low to low.

Hickory Flooring: The hardest of the main group, hickory has naturally occurring mineral streaks, knots and birthmarks that give the wood a deep character. If you like random, naturally occurring patterns in your floor, hickory is a great choice. Its color variance is high to extreme, often having one board almost milky in color and the next grey! There is nothing wrong with the wood; this is how God made it. It’s supposed to look like that! It gives the room a rustic, warm feeling and if you want a custom looking floor and don’t mind the large color variance, a hickory floor is a perfect choice.

Cherry & Walnut Flooring: Probably the most striking and beautiful floors around. They have a lot of waterfall movement to them and the stained woods are exceptionally eye-catchy. Since they are very soft, be very careful before deciding on one of these floors. When laid, these floors exude a luxurious and expensive look.

Pine Flooring: Also soft with the unmistakable ‘zebra’ lines running through the floor. Since they are very heavy in vertical line movement, they give an exotic appearance combined with their naturally occurring dark knotholes. Go with this floor if you’re modeling a room. But keep away if you have a zoo.

So select your hardwood floor that fits your lifestyle first then narrow the colors down. You’ll be a much happier hardwood floor owner.

Source by Tyler Bond

); Leather SofaProsThe color of the sofa maintains its consistency better than fabric sofa, which is prone to dis-colorization. Most leather, especially the high quality ones are great against spillages as leather is not as absorbent as fabric. Leather maintenance can be easier than fabric maintenance if done using the right products.ConsThe leather will show signs of cracking if exposed to too much sun or after a period of usage. The 4 enemies of leather are ink, lipstick, hair dye, and nail polish. Till date, there are no products to totally remove those stains (fresh stains might stand a higher chance). Not as comfortable as fabric especially in Singapore’s hot weather.MaintenanceCleaning methods are limited compared to fabric sofas due to the nature of leather Safest cleaning method for leather sets is to do it manually. It is very important to moisture the leather once in a while to keep it healthy [ad_2] Source by Derick Ng

Mannington Laminate Flooring Offers the Most Durable Floors at Low Very Costs

Asthma is one of the most common respiratory conditions. Every day, more than 30,000 people in the US suffer from asthma attack. Of these, 5,000 are taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. Most of the time, asthmatic people go home after treatment at the hospital; but 11 unfortunate Americans die from sudden asthma-related complications each day.

Asthma is one of the most common respiratory conditions. Every day, more than 30,000 people in the US suffer from asthma attack. Of these, 5,000 are taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. Most of the time, asthmatic people go home after treatment at the hospital; but 11 unfortunate Americans die from sudden asthma-related complications each day.

If you have a family member suffering from asthma, you would naturally strive to treat acute asthma attack. So, you have that trusty asthma inhaler ready. But inhalers may have nasty side effects. The best thing to do with asthma is to prevent sudden attacks from happening. That can be done by maintaining cleanliness in your house. Asthma attacks are frequently triggered by allergens or dust mites that may accumulate in any places in your house, like your flooring.

Mannington Mills Inc. provides one of the asthma-friendly laminate flooring in the US. Unlike conventional flooring, laminate floors by Mannington do not harbor allergens or dust mites. Their laminates are made from 70% recycled materials and contain very low quantities of VOC inks and adhesives to ensure good indoor air quality. And if you have a family member who suffers from asthma, good indoor air quality is a must.

Other Advantages of Mannington Laminate Flooring

Low cost

Because Mannington uses recycled materials to make laminates, their laminate products come at a low price. That is certainly a plus for many homeowners who are on a tight budget. Aside from being affordable, homeowners can actually save more money from their flooring. Why? Because this flooring is so very easy to install, you would not need to pay for the costly services of a floor installer. Worried that you are not skilled enough to install a Mannington floor? Well, you should not be. Installing a laminate floor is very easy. You can just search for step-by-step installation articles in the Web to know how to properly install their flooring. If you want a more interactive guide, then you can search YouTube for an easy-to-follow laminate installation guide.


Laminates by Mannington is manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques to provide homeowners high-quality flooring built to last a long, long time. It is proven to be of superior quality. Third-party facilities across North America have conducted 10 very rigorous tests on their flooring and have found out Mannington’s flooring is indeed high-class. That is why they is among the elite flooring manufacturers that have been certified by the North American laminate watchdog NALFA (North American Laminate Flooring Association).

Aside from being tough, Mannington flooring is also abrasion, dent, and fade-resistant. You can really be sure that their would look great all the time.


Every homeowner wants an impressive interior. With Mannington laminates, homeowners can certainly get that much coveted interior that would impress visitors. They offers a wide range of stylish hardwood and laminate tile flooring that come in varying shades and colors. And the great thing is that their laminates not only look like the real thing, it also feels like real hardwood or tile.

If you are looking for an affordable, high-quality, and stylish flooring that will provide good indoor air quality to your house and ensure the health of your loved ones, then Mannington laminate flooring is the best choice for you.

Source by Greg Parsons

Things to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Nothing makes a home look more elegant, warm and inviting than wood flooring throughout. You simply cannot ask for a more durable and beautiful flooring scheme, and that may just be the reason that more homeowners than ever are choosing hardwood flooring for their homes. It not only lasts for years, but it also adds value to your home and property. If you do not currently have it in your home, but would like to install it, please do, but there are some things that you may want to consider before settling on any one type.

How it is created

Most of the wood used to create wood floors is pre-finished at the factory long before it is installed in your home, although you do have the choice of ordering unfinished wood. Unfinished wood can always be stained and finished on-site, before being installed. This type is known as solid wood, and has been the favorite when homeowners are choosing hardwood flooring, and has been used for centuries. It can be finished and refinished several times over the years, and will last for decades.

Another kind of wood flooring, engineered wood, uses several layers of real wood that is sandwiched together. Each layer is laid crosswise to the previous layer, creating a solid weave of real wood planes that is just as durable as the solid wood version. This type can also be refinished when necessary, but the number of times this can be done will depend on the thickness of the topmost layer. In recent years, a layer of aluminum oxide has been added to most manufactured wood flooring, which extends its durability, so much so that it is not unusual to see manufacturer’s warranties that extend fifty years or more.

Species Available

Another choice that will have to be made when ordering wood floors to be installed in your home is the species of wood that you wish to have. The most popular styles are generally broken down into two distinct categories: domestic hardwoods and exotic. The domestic type includes more than fifty different species, with the most popular being walnut, maple, pine, ash, hickory and beech. The exotic category includes species that are imported, like tiger wood, Brazilian cherry and Amendoim. The most popular exotic out there today, however, is bamboo.

Bamboo is, by far, the best-selling choice in wood flooring today. It is an environmentally conscious alternative to real wood, and is equally as durable as any domestic hardwood available today. It is available in both horizontal and vertical grains, and can be left natural or in a carbonized form. The carbonization process will heat the bamboo to achieve a darker tone, and improves its durability. Bamboo can be stained into uniform darker colors, or it can be left as strands, with alternating dark and light grains throughout. It is available in both engineered and solid formats.

Widths and Finishes

The last few choices to make when ordering wood floors for your home are to decide on the widths of the wood, and the decorative finishes that are available. The different widths these are available in can make its own decorative statement in your home, when used properly. It all depends on the total look you are striving for. Traditional oak strip, for example, has narrower pieces of wood, measuring around 2 ½” in width. Wood planks are another popular choice, which range anywhere from 3″ to 7″ in width. The wider planks make for a more modern look, while the narrower choices make it look more antique.

When choosing hardwood flooring, you must also take into consideration the finish you want for the overall decorative effect. Still others prefer that the wood remain its natural color, or stained to a color of their choice. Whitewashed or a distressed finish is also an option for anyone who wishes their flooring to look older and more classic, if that is what will fit in best in their home. That look will also provide a dramatic backdrop for any antique rugs that you may want to utilize as well.

Source by Susan Solo

Convertible Sofa Beds Review

When looking for an overnight sleep solution for guests, many people choose futon sofas. However, I have found that there is an alternative to buying a futon. After doing some research, I found a product call convertible sofa beds.

Unlike a standard futon couch which is made up of three separate components such as a mattress, cover, and wood frame, the convertible sofa bed is a single unit which offer the look of a contemporary sofa. These convertible sofa beds have a smart European design mechanism which allows you to change the sofa bed in seconds to a sleeper bed for your guests.

A convertible sofa bed can usually sleep up to 2 people. These sofa beds require only a simple lift until you hear a click and the back area folds down to become a comfortable bed. Since the cushion is built in and the sofa already upholstered, there is nothing else to buy. I found the simplicity appealing and it made the whole shopping process easier.

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I think many people will find these sofa beds are a great alternative to futon beds as well. With their simple to use design and attractive looks, I recommend them as an economical extra sleep solution for you or your guests.

Convertible sofa beds can be found at most furniture stores and at

Source by Danny Civic

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