Beating the Cable Company at Their Own Game

Cable companies have been crying for years that they just aren’t making enough money; they are literally giving away their services. Of course they haven’t been saying this to us, the customer, because we know better and have the high bills as proof. No, this is the line they have given the government so they can get the help they need to make sure that you have limited choices as a customer. Well there is a choice New York,

It’s a game to the cable companies and the customers are not only on the losing end they get the joyful experience of paying for it. They used the “poor me” excuse to get preferred rates and tax cuts from the federal and local governments, not so they could give you better service; so they could fight off any competition and monopolies the region. When cable started it was usually offered by a few companies in your region, not there is only one dominant cable company in every region, and that still isn’t good enough for them. Read the rest of this entry »

How I Lowered Our Monthly Expenses

Killeen Castle Co MeathMy husband came home a few weeks ago and told me that his hours at work have been cut. I was devastated at first, because we were already living pay to pay. When he told me that there were dozens who lost their jobs altogether, I realized we were actually one of the blessed ones then. I knew we had to find a way to cut back even more on our expenses, and it surprised me to find one of these ways was with our energy provider. I did a search for Killeen rates as far as energy is concerned because I had seen in the past where we are able to choose our own energy company. Read the rest of this entry »

A Company That Helps the Community Too

If there is one thing that I like, it is having a choice. I don’t like to be given no options, no matter what it concerns. When I found out that I would have my choice of energy companies in Texas, I probably got more excited than the average person who would have the same opportunity. I actually looked forward to doing some research and finding out which company was the one that is right for me. Most people just go on prices, but it is so much more than that to me, regardless of what I am choosing.

I wanted to compare each of the companies that I was able to choose from, not only for their rate and usage plans but also to see what kind of company they are. I have been in the corporate world before, and I know that not all companies really care about their customers. Read the rest of this entry »

Sofa Cover – Change The Look Of Your Living Room Without Going Over Budget

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your older furniture is through the use of  sofa cover. Slipping these covers on is easy, and it can make your old furniture look brand new and completely different almost instantly.


These covers are also an effective way to redecorate your living room. Changing the look and feel of the room is as simple as slipping  cover on your sofa, which is likely one of the largest pieces in the room.


A sofa cover is found in many different materials and styles and can be tailored to fit  sofa or can be  loose fitting cover. When they are tailor-made, they are created specifically based on your sofa’s specifications, which you must measure yourself. This is often an attractive choice because there is no way for guests to tell that there is  cover at all.


A range of retailers carry these products, though they are most easily found at home goods, home improvement, or even linen stores. It is also possible to find them on the internet for low prices, as well as some large department stores with an interior design department.


Choosing where you will purchase your cover will come down to whether  retailer carries that perfect style that will turn your living room into something brand new. Checking out some consumer reviews online will tell you whether or not the store is reputable and whether the covers are durable or not. Those that are more simple will be easily found at warehouse stores both on and off line, but the styles that are fitted or are not plain will be more difficult to come by and must be found at specialty stores or large higher end department stores.


The cost of  cover largely depends on  few variables. The material will affect the price, as will whether or not it is fitted. A tailored one will be the most expensive type of to purchase, which is because of the amount of time and effort put into the work by the designer and company making the sofa cover. However, the final product will be ? tight-fitting cover for your sofa or couch that will be completely indistinguishable from the actual covering, even to you.




4 Step how to clean your kitchen floor in a very simple way

4 Step how to clean your kitchen floor in a very simple waySplashes of oil or coconut milk often make your kitchen floor was slippery and opaque. Although it has been repeatedly mopped, fixed floor slippery.

To clean the kitchen floor slippery, follow the steps below:

1. Prepare a mixture of water with lemon juice (1 cup of water mixed with 1 lemon for 1m2 floor).
2. Sprinkling water mixture to the floor.
3. Next, wipe the floor with a damp cloth.
4. Then, only then you mop the floor with plain water.

Christmas Lighting Decoration Tips

Christmas Lighting Decoration TipsSoon it will be Christmas Day arrives. And for those of you who celebrate it, it is definitely the atmosphere at home will be transformed into a more versatile warm with Christmas decoration.

Well, to further strengthen the warm feel of Christmas in your home, there are five easy ways to be creative with light, to brighten Christmas with your loved ones this year.

If you really like the variety of art activities and creations by hand, why not this time invite the children to participate in an art project to create an atmosphere of Christmas at home? No need to install large Christmas tree and original, you can make your own Christmas tree from paper and various glow.

Have your child help decorate various shades of colorful paper Christmas, then put on the wall. If your child likes Disney characters, you can use a pair of Disney Living Colors lamp Micro, such as Disney Pixar Cars or Princess Table Lamps to make homemade Christmas tree look more festive and colorful.

There are as many as 64 fluorescent light colors are bright and the color replacement mode automatically at the lights from Philips Disney character, which is very easy to use and will surely change a variety of room in your home into a small area of the imaginative play.

Rather hang a small decorative lights outside the house at Christmas? If you live in an apartment or have a balcony at the top of the house, show joy this Christmas celebration through your window. Use a number of Intimate LED Candles, and well positioned near the window.

Or, hanging lights before the thread in front of the window as lighting Christmas nuances that can provoke the imagination. You also can put the lights resembling candles in corners of the room, to create a cozy and warm atmosphere, which can raise your Christmas spirit and family.

End of the year is also a great time to gather with family to welcome the new year is more promising. Warm the party atmosphere of the turn of the year this time with cheerful colors of lighting.

You can also do contemplation and make a resolution in 2015 in a romantic atmosphere with friends, accompanied by Vivid Candle. New Year is also a good reason for you to redecorate the house, with a number of lighting that is not to undermine the cost of electricity per month.

Pink Color Amazing Design into Your Room

Pink Color Amazing Design into Your RoomThe pink color is usually synonymous with small children. In fact, if applied at home with a different touch, your home will look good without childish impression again. Here are some tips to organize the interior of the house with pink accents you can do.

Do not give the entire room with pink, as it seemed full and crowded. Try to take some walls in your room, for example. Just look at the results, the color pink is quite brighten the room without overwhelming.

An easy way to use the pink is as accents only. Such as, adding pink accents on seats, curtains, or accessories. The color will make the room fresh and uplifting. Even if combined with metallic colors will make the room a strong and lustrous. Do not be afraid to bring metallic accents to a room.

The color pink is not only good for plain walls, but also patterned so that the room will be more alive. Or you apply to accessories, whether it’s in the trash, photo frames, or wallpaper.

Do not just stare pink color in the bedroom alone. This color can also, really, is applied in the kitchen and dining room. Show containers with floral cute on your desk.

Even in the shower else you can do other amazing creations. As the curtain or towel bath refreshing floral, very fit paired with tiny mat stripes.

Best Tips Choosing Bed Cover

bed coverThis time I will share tips regarding the selection of sheets and blankets. We agree that sleep is a very important requirement for us … because sleep we rest one way, after I type. Therefore, it is important to create a place as comfortable as possible, so we have a good rest for the rest of us.
One of the things that must be considered to support the comfort of the bed as a blanket.
We have sheets and blankets able to rest at ease … Well, as you can select sheet and quilt choose to make comfortable rest?
Then I select a few tips for a sheet and blanket.

1 It is recommended to use a color that is available by clicking on sleeping in a bed favors. The color you do not like, but that was not you. Because if you choose according to your preferences, but the color is not from people who have fallen asleep in this place, then this might not feel comfortable with the person.

2 You must choose a good material for sheets and blankets, … should avoid foam, sand, heat and energy. Select although slightly more expensive materials of money. Low quality materials not only creates discomfort but can also lead to diseases, such as difficulty breathing, rashes and itching, allergies, etc. .. Of course, if we materials, choose the less quality, then do not achieve the object and purpose the rest, namely the comfort

3 Let be processed attracted by the lure of cheap prices, and because the quality of the products whose name is usually the price of the common market. Of course, for those of you who already know, the quality of materials, the amount of material used, can certainly judge the adequacy of the price. Choose cheap but the quality is still just as good.

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