How I Lowered Our Monthly Expenses

Killeen Castle Co MeathMy husband came home a few weeks ago and told me that his hours at work have been cut. I was devastated at first, because we were already living pay to pay. When he told me that there were dozens who lost their jobs altogether, I realized we were actually one of the blessed ones then. I knew we had to find a way to cut back even more on our expenses, and it surprised me to find one of these ways was with our energy provider. I did a search for Killeen rates as far as energy is concerned because I had seen in the past where we are able to choose our own energy company. Read the rest of this entry »

A Company That Helps the Community Too

If there is one thing that I like, it is having a choice. I don’t like to be given no options, no matter what it concerns. When I found out that I would have my choice of energy companies in Texas, I probably got more excited than the average person who would have the same opportunity. I actually looked forward to doing some research and finding out which company was the one that is right for me. Most people just go on prices, but it is so much more than that to me, regardless of what I am choosing.

I wanted to compare each of the companies that I was able to choose from, not only for their rate and usage plans but also to see what kind of company they are. I have been in the corporate world before, and I know that not all companies really care about their customers. Read the rest of this entry »

Sofa Cover – Change The Look Of Your Living Room Without Going Over Budget

One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your older furniture is through the use of  sofa cover. Slipping these covers on is easy, and it can make your old furniture look brand new and completely different almost instantly.


These covers are also an effective way to redecorate your living room. Changing the look and feel of the room is as simple as slipping  cover on your sofa, which is likely one of the largest pieces in the room.


A sofa cover is found in many different materials and styles and can be tailored to fit  sofa or can be  loose fitting cover. When they are tailor-made, they are created specifically based on your sofa’s specifications, which you must measure yourself. This is often an attractive choice because there is no way for guests to tell that there is  cover at all.


A range of retailers carry these products, though they are most easily found at home goods, home improvement, or even linen stores. It is also possible to find them on the internet for low prices, as well as some large department stores with an interior design department.


Choosing where you will purchase your cover will come down to whether  retailer carries that perfect style that will turn your living room into something brand new. Checking out some consumer reviews online will tell you whether or not the store is reputable and whether the covers are durable or not. Those that are more simple will be easily found at warehouse stores both on and off line, but the styles that are fitted or are not plain will be more difficult to come by and must be found at specialty stores or large higher end department stores.


The cost of  cover largely depends on  few variables. The material will affect the price, as will whether or not it is fitted. A tailored one will be the most expensive type of to purchase, which is because of the amount of time and effort put into the work by the designer and company making the sofa cover. However, the final product will be ? tight-fitting cover for your sofa or couch that will be completely indistinguishable from the actual covering, even to you.




); All of this being said, one also needs to consider one manufacturer’s commercial grade stone is another manufacturer’s 1st choice. Since there are no formal standards for defining stone quality, it is left to each individual manufacturer to decide how to classify their stone.In an effort to protect buyers from being taken advantage of by a bait and switch tactic, we recommend the following guidelines for ensuring that the natural stone purchased is worth the money paid for it:Ask the vendor to lay out several hundred square feet of material from several crates to evaluate the shipment’s overall 4 C’s. If the material is being special ordered, have signed off samples defining the range and expectation for quality of the stone. Remember the beauty of natural stone is in the variation and movement and a full understanding of range should be agreed to prior to purchase. We always recommend for stock material to pick your own crates and if a vendor charges more for this service or resists, ask yourself what they are trying to hide from you.Inspect the material at the job site prior to installation to make sure it meets your expectations. Just like you would not invest the same amount of money in fool’s gold as real gold or cubic zirconium as a diamond, one should not invest for inferior flooring products.Prior to installation and once all of the material is at the job-site, make sure the material is pulled from various crates to ensure a proper blending of material.Understand the after care maintenance requirements for the stone.Ask a lot of questions. [ad_2] Source by Ken Tims

How to Choose a Sofa for a Family with Kids

If you have children in your home, what sort of sofa should you choose?

With kids in the house, you probably need more seats. A 1 seated sofa is not

as cost effective as a 3 seated sofa. You need 3 single seated sofa to seat 3

people as compared to just a 3-seater. The price of 3 single-seated sofa is

significantly less than the price of a 3 seated sofa.

That means, for a large family, you would save substantially if you go for

the 3 seated sofas as compared to several 2 or 1 seated sofas.

One way to see the best value is to calculate cost per seat of that


For a single seat, the cost per seat is just the price.

For a 2-seated sofa, the cost per seat would be price divided by 2

For a 3 seated sofa, the cost per seat would be price divided by 3

and so on.

The best value would be the sofa with the lowest cost per seat, everything

else remaining the same.

Next, consider the dirt factor. I mean, kids, with their tendency to jump on the sofa, would dirty the sofa

very quickly. Not only that, they would eventually break the springs in the

sofa. You could train the children not to walk, jump or play on the sofa. But it

is wiser to get a sofa set that can withstand the stresses a kid would bring.

For one thing, the sofa would get dirty very quickly. A darker color would be

more practical. Leave a white sofa in a home with naughty kids and you’ll end up

with a gray, or eventually black sofa over time. Dirt shows up so obviously in a

light colored sofa. On a dark colored sofa, the deep color hides the gray or

black dirt stains. You don’t have to clean it so often. It will still look good

months later.

Eventually, you still have to clean the sofa.

Our first sofa was a beautiful fabric sofa. It turned a dull gray over the

years. As there were no slip covers, we would have to wash the sofa with an upholstery

cleaner or to leave it be. On the hindsight, sofa sets with removable slip

covers would have been the better bet.

Alternatively, we could have bought 2 sets of slip covers [] for our sofa while

it was still new and rotated those to protect the sofa instead. Slip covers can

be washed, so you can always have a clean sofa to sit on. To a busy mom with

kids, slip covers are a boon. Dump the soiled slip covers in the washing machine

and slip on clean covers.

Our next sofa was a leather

sofa []. That turned black within weeks. The kids would pretend to be Spiderman

climbing the walls, with the sofa as the wall, or Spiderman jumping from roof to

roof, with 2 adjacent sofas as the roofs. We bought a leather cleaner to clean

it up.

Source by Janice Wee

[]).push(); Limestone is formed when seashells settle in sediment, which over time hardens to sedimentary rock so fossilised shells are a typical feature. Colours range from cream to golden brown.Granite is an igneous rock so is a very hard stone making it extremely durable; it comes in an enormous range of rich colours and is commonly used in the home for kitchen worktops as well as flooring.Marble is familiar to all of us from the ancient classical buildings of Rome and Greece and the many famous Italian sculptures. It comes in a variety of different colours typically with contrasting veining but the darker marbles are not suitable for wet areas because of their porosity.Slate is composed of clay, quartz and shale and has a rustic appearance due to its natural layered look. Because it is water-resistant it is frequently used for floor tiles but is also used for roof tiles and patio tiles.Natural Stone FinishesPolished for a glossy shine which may need regular maintenance to preserve the shine.Honed for a matt or satin finish which is more resistant to scratching and needs little maintenance.Acid-washed for an antique look which reveals the crystal structure within the stone and is highly scratch-resistant..Flamed for a rough texture which is perfect where a non-slip surface is required- created by using a blowtorch on the stone until the surface crystals explode.Tumbled for a smooth but slightly pitted surface with uneven edges for a raw, natural finish typically used for small tiles and decorative border tiles.Brushed for a naturally worn look suitable for restoration work in old buildings- created by brushing the tile surface wil metal brushes.Tile manufacturers now produce porcelain tiles with a natural stone effect and also manufactured stone tiles made from natural stone chips suspended in cement or resin but even the best quality porcelain floor tiles can’t quite beat the unique look and feel of natural stone floor tiles. [ad_2] Source by Michelle Symonds

Types of Wood

Different types of wood are used to make furniture. The quality and strength of furniture depends upon the types of wood used. Different colors and textures of wood provide beauty and style to both home and office furniture.

Different Types of Wood:

There are various types of woods, that are worldwide used in crafting all kind of furniture. Primarily types of wood for furniture can be categorized into two parts – Softwoods and Hardwoods.


Pine: Pine mostly grows in the region of Northern hemisphere, where its more than 100 types of wood species are found.

Color: White or pale yellow

Properties: soft light weight wood

Uses: In crafting country or provincial furniture.

Redwood: Redwood trees grow in Pacific United States region.

Color: Red

Properties: Resistant to deterioration due to moisture, sunlight and insects.

Uses: In crafting outdoor furniture and decorative carvings

Cedar: A number of species of cedar grow in Southern United States, Central and South America.

Color: Red-brown

Properties: soft, light weight, moth repellent, aromatic.

Uses: In crafting drawers, boxes, cases and storage closets.

Hemlock: There are around 10 species pf hemlock, out of which four species grow in North America and four to six in Eastern Asia.

Color: Black, brown

Properties: Light weight, soft, uniformly textured and non-resinous.

Uses: In crafting planks, doors, lumber, boards, paneling, crates and sub flooring.


Oak: Oak mostly grows in United States, where its more than 60 of types of wood species are found.

Color: Red and White ( Red species of oak is also known as black oak)

Properties: Heavy, light color and strong hardwood

Uses: In crafting American and English country designs, crafting transitional and contemporary pieces.

Maple: Maple mostly grows in United States, where its more than 115 of species are found.

Properties: Very hard and shocks resistant, in which birds eye figure, leaf figure and burls are found.

Uses: In crafting American colonial furniture, ranging from medium to lower price category.

Cherry: Also known as fruit-wood, these types of wood grow in the Eastern half of United States.

Color: Light brown and red-brown.

Properties: Moderately hard, easy to polish and carve as well, warp resistant.

Uses: In crafting 18th century British colonial furniture and crafting French Provincial designs.

Ash: Ash mostly grows in Eastern United States, where its 16 types of wood species are found.

Color: White, black, blue, green and light brown

Properties: Hard, heavy with twisted and interwoven figure

Uses: In crafting steam bent furniture and structural frames.

Source by Manisha Chopra

); First, if you don’t have a bar, your sofa table can fill in when guests start to arrive. Just pull the table out from the wall, and get ready to serve. Since sofa tables are longer than normal tables, they make great bar surfaces, with plenty of space for bottles, cups, ice, serving and even a tip jar.If you have the bar covered, but also have a lot of hungry people, you can turn thie furnishing into a buffet. In this case you would leave it up against the wall, toss a table cloth over it, and it’s going to offer up a lot of space for putting appetizers, desserts, or even parts of the main meal. Since the table is long, you will even have the space to put plates at one end of the table and food next to it, so it’s one stop shopping.Yet another way to give sofa tables new life is to make them a replacement for the console table that just can’t keep up with the workload. Often this happens in the front hallway of the home. It has always been there as a way to greet you when you come in, and give you a place to put your keys, but with a larger family there are a lot of things to keep handy, and you just need more space these days. Sofa tables offer that space. You can even put dividers in the drawers to make sure everyone has a space for their keys and other small items. [ad_2] Source by Jennifer Akre

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